Hand-dyed Silk/Suri Alpaca SliverNovember 18, 2022

Silk/Suri Alpaca hand-painted Rainbow Trout colorway

Photo above:  Silk/Suri Alpaca hand-painted "Rainbow Trout" colorway

Richard has been dyeing some of our bombyx silk-blends.  To date, he's dyed some Bombyx Silk/Suri Alpaca (50/50 blend) and Bombyx Silk/Cotton (55/45 blend). To read our blog post on Silk/Cotton Sliver, CLICK HERE

The white Suri Alpaca in our silk-blend was raised in Florissant, Colorado on the Hay Creek Station.  We love that this has extra ties to Colorado.

The silk/suri alpaca just loves the dye and the colors are rich and saturated (see photos below).

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If you don't see all the colors that appear at the bottom of this page, it means we have sold out.

Suris are a breed of alpaca and is a domesticated member of the South American camelid family that include llamas, guanacos and vicunas. 

Alpacas are native to South America.  Alpacas come in a range of 22 natural colors, including white, various shades of fawn and brown, grey, black and combination patterns. 

Of the two types of alpaca—the huacaya and the suri—the huacaya is the more numerous of the two and has a fleece similar in characteristics to the merino breed of sheep. The suri, comprising only 10% of the world’s alpacas, has an elegantly draped, slick, shiny fleece that hangs down from its body in long twisted strings, or locks.

Suri fiber is prized for its unique luster and superb soft, slick handle.  It is used primarily for producing fine textiles and elegant knitwear requiring a soft, flowing and draped appearance.  Combine this luster with silk and the result is heavenly.  Yarn spun from this silk/suri blend has a distinct ‘halo’ and a wonderfully soft feel.