Wild Tasar Silk ShawlsDecember 02, 2023

Wild Tasar Silk Shawl #2

photo: Wild Tasar Silk shawl #2, handwoven by tribal artisans in India. Wide stripes are Wild Tasar Silk Ghicha yarn; narrow stripes are Peduncle silk blended with white Eri Silk. See more photos below in gallery.

Artisan Handwoven Shawl--Wild Tasar Silk

We have a limited number of artisan woven wild tasar silk shawls.  These generously sized, beautiful shawls are handwoven for Treenway Silks in India by the Chattishgarhi Dewangan tribal group.  The weavers are Odia Tanti. 

The word "tanti" is derived from the Odia word "tanta", which means a loom. The Tanti are said to have originated as sellers of cloth since the ancient days. [Thank you Wikipedia]

WARP for Shawl #1 and Shawl #2:
The warp is reeled Chinese Oak Tussah, 33-37 denier. Think "human hair" for thickness. Definitely finer than I will ever use for warp!

WEFT for Shawl #1:
The weft is organic Wild Tasar Silk Ghicha Yarn.  Treenway Silks carries some of this special rounded-kettle-bottom reeled silk [click here to read about this unique, labor intensive yarn).

WEFTS for Shawl #2:
The wider weft stripes is also organic Wild Tasar Silk Ghicha Yarn.

Adding a bit of extra, some tasar peduncle yarn (naturally brown, CLICK HERE to read more about peduncle), has been blended with aother wild silk--white eri silk.  The eri silk's sheen is matte, adding a lovely textural contrast. CLICK HERE to read more about Eri Silk.

Shawl #1 and #2 s are generously sized at 27.75 inches wide by 84" woven length plus 2.5" fringe on each end (total length is 89").

My little "photo studio in a box" isn't big enough to photograph the entire shawl...to put things another way, 89" is nearly 7-1/2 feet long!

These shawls have a crisp hand.  The fabric is very light. 
Shawl #1 only weighs 115 g (4 oz). Shawl #2 weighs just 135g (4.75 oz)

According to Hansraj, our Indian Silk Guy, the Wild Tasar Silk's luster increases with use.  A good reason to wear your shawl, rather than "save it for special occasions."

Color: Natural


Give as a gift to yourself or for someone special.