OmShanti (Eri Silk)-a great silk for summer, whether natural or dyedJuly 07, 2023

OmShanti-White dyed #956 Periwinkle

above: OmShanti-White (eri silk) dyed color #956 Periwinkle

OmShanti is a beautiful, mill-spun Eri Silk yarn that we introduced in its natural color in February 2023.  To read the original blog post, CLICK HERE. Eri Silk is a lovely, light and airy silk, which is especially suited for wearing when the temperature is hot. 

Then Robin Wilton wove white-on-white scarves "Gothic White Cross" using OmShanti-White in the warp and OmShanti-Red in the weft. To read about Robin weaving the scarves, CLICK HERE.

Natural is lovely, but we love color, right?!  Of course! 

This week I squeezed a skein of OmShanti-White into dye pot #956 Periwinkle that was already filled with 6 skeins of Silken Cloud. It was a tight fit having so many skeins in the same pot!

OmShanti dyed beautifully and behaved very well in the dye pot. 

OmShanti yarn "blooms" a bit [see photos below]. The "blooming" results in a shorter skein length.  When you lay out the undyed skein, it measures 25.5 inches long. After dyeing, it is 22.5 inches long.  I estimate about 12% shrinkage.

The 24 EPI that Robin used for Gothic White Cross is still a good sett for that draft, whether OmShanti is natural or dyed. I believe there will be less shrinkage during wet finishing your project woven with dyed yarn, as the yarn has already been washed, heated and rinsed.

Still on my "wish list" is to try dyeing a skein of OmShanti-White and OmShanti-Red a light color, maybe pale blue #8 Ice Poppy, in the same dye pot. The differences in the two natural white colors are subtle, and I wonder if their differences will still be discernable after they are dyed.  Stay tuned!

Trying OmShanti
Summer is a great time to try this light, airy Eri Silk yarn.

Try OmShanti-White and/or OmShanti-Red in their natural color, or we can dye it the color of your choice.