*NEW* 65 Roses Rigid Heddle Scarf kitJune 02, 2023

65 Roses Rigid Heddle Scarf kit, designed and woven by Peg MacMorris

photo above: 65 Roses Rigid Heddle silk scarf designed and woven by Peg MacMorris

We wanted to add a 65 Roses Rigid Heddle scarf to our array of 65 Roses silk weaving kits.  I asked the fabulous Peg MacMorris to design something special for us.  And, as usual, Peg has knocked this one out of the park!

This scarf uses a limited edition dyed 65 Roses "Guiding Spirit" yarn--the variegated stripes. Guiding Spirit is a rose that inspired this colorway.

Plus, Peg added some "roses" ("rose fashion" is a treadling order most often used with overshot) in the stripes, using pick-up technique. 

There are 6 Roses in one stripe, and 5 Roses in the other stripe, weaving "65 Roses" (get it?!  Peg's so clever!)

This is a nice-sized scarf:  finished is 6-7/8 inches wide 68 inches woven, plus 5-1/4 inch twisted fringe on each end.

This weaving kit includes the instructions and all the silk to weave the scarf:
   Kazoku, color #215 Eucalyptus
   Jorie II, Limited Edition "Guiding Spirit"
   Margaret, natural white
   Margaret, color #215 Eucalyptus for the weft

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