Mill-spun Wild Tasar Silk YarnAugust 05, 2023

Wild Tasar (40/2x2); skein is 50g

photo above: Wild Tasar lace weight (40/2x2) mill spun yarn.  Marvelous color!

We have a few skeins of a new, extra special yarn from India!  This mill-spun Wild Tasar Silk lace-weight yarn is made from the naturally golden brown wild tasar silk cocoons.

These silk cocoons are hard—the total opposite of eri silk cocoons. In contrast to the thicker, Takli Tasar yarn that we carry, this Wild Tasar yarn is mill-spun and plied. Mill spun gives a more consist yarn grist (thickness).

This is a cabled yarn.  This means it's a strand of 40/2 plied with a second strand of 40/2, giving the equivalent grist (thickness) of a 20/2 silk.

The natural variations in the color are just gorgeous! You'll see golds and browns. 

Because this tasar silk yarn is mill spun, this silk is wonderfully soft to the touch! The feel is similar to our muga silk.

Wild Tasar 40/2x2 is gorgeous paired with all of our wild silks...Muga (Carmela, Carmelina), Eri (OmShanti-Red, OmShanti-White, hand-spun Shanti), Peduncle (Kinetta), our other wild tasar silks (Takhli Tasar or Ghicha) or Chinese Oak Tussah (Kundana, in skeins or on cones).

Photo below has Wild Tasasr 40/2x2 in the center, Carmelina (muga 30/2) bottom, OmShanti-Red (red eri 20/2) top, the right silk going vertically is Kiku (20/2 bombyx silk)

I estimate a 50g skein of Wild Tasar has about 500 yards. As with all our silks, the weight of the skeins vary.  I’ve weighed a sampling of skeins and they range from 45-60g, with the average as 50g.

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please note--we have sold out of our 500g cones.