Free Draft--Two Sides of the MoonOctober 07, 2022

Two Sides of the Moon, woven with Alirio-Thinner (silk noil), colors #4 Rendezvous Blue and #57 Raven Black

photo (above) "Two Sides of the Moon, designed and woven by Robin Wilton, using Alirio-Thinner (silk noil), colors #4 Rendezvous Blue and #57 Raven Black

Robin Wilton knocked one out of the park when she created this 4-shaft silk scarves design.  You can weave it with either
    Alirio-Thinner (20/2 noil) a very affordable silk
  (see photo above)  or
    Kiku (20/2 silk), our most popular silk
(see photos below).

By alternating two colors in the warp (colors #4 Rendezvous Blue and #57 Raven Black), then weaving the first scarf with #4 Rendezvous Blue, and the second scarf with #57 Raven Black, you get two different looks from the same warp.

This is an easy threading and only needs 199 ends.  It weaves up quickly, using a single shuttle.  You can weave a special gift for someone (including yourself!) in no time at all.

The draft shows even-width point twill stripes, but you can make them random widths, as Robin has woven hers, for a bit more fun.

Using either similar-value colors in the warp or high-contrast colors in the warp work equally well with this versatile design.

The accent stripes are a great opportunity to go “shopping” in your stash.  The stripes can be any color, fiber (cotton or silk). 
    If you choose a thicker grist yarn, you just need 35 yards. 
    If you choose a thinner grist yarn, then double it and treat as one end when threading your loom. You'll need 70 yards

Our 2 Skeins = 2 Scarves(TM) free drafts are so easy and more personalized than a kit--
  --Choose your favorite draft
  --Choose your favorite colors
  --Purchase two skeins, plus use 35-70 yards of yarn from your own stash for the accent stripe
  --Weave two scarves

To download the free draft, CLICK HERE
    NOTE--the 4-shaft drafts are listed first, in alphabetical order; the 8-shaft drafts are last, also in alphabetical order. 
    Select which draft(s) you wish to get.  Follow the steps at the bottom of the listings.

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