'Coral Reef' Silk Noil Scarves Weaving KitSeptember 15, 2023

photo above: "Coral Reef" silk noil scarf from weaving kit that makes two scarves.

LIMITED EDITION 4-Shaft, TWO Scarves Weaving Kit   [CLICK HERE to order kit]

The designer and weaver of the original "Periwinkle" version of "Huck Lace meets Color & Weave" scarves, Robin Wilton and I were talking one day that rather than create a new design, it might be fun to take a great design and re-imagine it.

So rather than just change colors, we decided to change the silk yarn, too.  We decided to try Alirio-thinner, Silk Noil, size 20/2, rather than our most popular "Kiku" 20/2 spun silk.

Silk Noil is a more textured yarn than Kiku.  Our Silk Noil Yarn isn't "slubby", but the nature of the silk gives a slightly "nubby" feel. 

This subtle texture prompted us to think about coral and its slightly bumpy look, which became the inspiration for the color palette.

We felt one of the aspects of the original "Periwinkle" version that makes it so successful is the similar color hue and value of the two main colors.  This keeps the color and weave from overpowering the huck lace stripes.

Following this lead, we selected two coral colors, #413 Peach Frappe and a special color created specifically this kit: #9512.L Adobe.

For the stripes, we decided the azure color of warm seas would make a nice contrast.  As the #15 Azure represents water, we used the smoother, silkier "Kiku" 20/2 spun silk yarn.

KIT DETAILS:   [CLICK HERE to order kit]
We are so in love with this scarf, we've extended the warp length to 5 yards so you can weave two scarves--one for yourself and one for a gift for someone special.

Your Limited Edition "Coral Reef" version of Huck Lace Meets Color-and-Weave Scarves Kit makes TWO scarves, each about 7.75" wide and 60" woven  length (PLUS 6" fringe each end, before twisting).

Each kit includes:
    --847 yds (86g) of Alirio-thinner (20/2 silk noil yarn), color #9512.L Adobe
    --827 yds (84g) of Alirio-thinner (20/2 silk noil yarn), color #413 Peach Frappe
    --135 yds  (13g) of Kiku (20/2 spun silk yarn), color #15 Azure
    --Draft (both PDf & WIF versions)
You have the option to include Handwoven Magazine N/D 2018 issue (or not--see drop down box selection)

Changing the yarns made a couple differences:
1) 20 PPI using the "toothier" Silk noil is less than the original Periwinkle scarf woven in Kiku. 24 EPI is the same.
2) The noil, with its slightly nubby texture, has a different "feel" than the smoother Kiku scarf used in the original. Both versions have a lovely hand, but the noil is a little less soft.
3) Robin's loom has minimal loom waste, so she was able to weave each scarf at 67" (measured under tension).  This is longer than the 61.5" scarf length (measured under tension) published in the magazine.

To see the ORIGINAL "Periwinkle" version, CLICK HERE

And, as with all Treenway Silks' limited edition kits, once gone, these scarves kits are retired forever!
Scarf designed and woven by Robin Wilton for Treenway Silks.