PieceWork magazine's 30th anniversaryAugust 11, 2023

Heraldic Rose Biscornu silk thread pack & PieceWork April 2015 issue.  Project designed and stitched by Katrina King.

photo: Silk thread pack for "Heraldic Rose Biscornu," designed and stitched by Katrina King.  Peeking from behind is PieceWork March/April 2015 issue which features the project on page 28-30.

August 2023 is a month for anniversaries.  We are celebrating 46 years of Treenway Silks and our 12th year as owner/custodians. PieceWork magazine is celebrating 30 years of publishing "All This By Hand."

If you love the legacy of needlework, then this is a wonderful magazine for you to add to your personal library.

As founder Linda Ligon says:  "It's true that most of the stories in PieceWork honor the past, but it's also true that the past is what propels us forward."

I have followed Piecework magazine since the first issue in March 1993.  It's filled with rich stories that bring-to-life treasured handwork.  It gives the history surrounding the piece.  Plus there are instructions to create a similar piece using today's materials.

History can be boring, however PieceWork is anything but! Lovely photos.  Well written stories.  Accurate information.  It's a magazine that one actually reads, rather than just scanning photos and skimming captions and then setting aside.

The inaugural issue had these words by Editor Veronica Patterson on the cover: 
"For their hands tell a story, and the works of their hands tell a story -- each thread connecting us to those who came before.  And the story endures."

I love that statement.

Piecework is celebrating 30 years with a giveaway.  CLICK HERE to enter. 

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Treenway Silks is proud to be one of the giveaway sponsors.  Our contribution is a copy of Piecework magazine Mar/April 2015 issue with a silk thread pack for the "Heraldic Rose Biscornu" designed and stitched by Katrina King. 

Want to order the thread pack now?  CLICK HERE

Click here for more information on PieceWork magazine.