DebBee Designs' charts using Treenway Silks' threadJanuary 07, 2013

Debbie & Susan showing Garden of Silken Delights

Photo (above): Debbie (left) and Susan at TNNA beside Garden of Silken Delights

We’re so excited that esteemed canvas work designer Debbie Rowley (DebBee’s Designs) selected Treenway Silks’ threads to use in two designs! Both debuted at TNNA-June 2013 show and they have been incredibly popular!

Garden of Silken Delights has been designed using Treenway Silks’ threads throughout. And we have put together a thread pack for you.

We loved this design so much, that with DebBee’s blessing, we created an alternative “Autumn Mums” colorway and thread pack for the Garden of Silken Delights chart.

Using just one brand of silk in her design is a departure for Debbie, but she was so excited about our silks that she was inspired design this piece completely with our extensive threads collection.

Tropical Punch is Debbie’s other new pattern. This design features 6 different Treenway Silks threads/colors.

In her Tropical Punch design, Debbie uses many brands of threads, including 6 colors of Treenway Silks' thread.  We've put together a thread pack for you.

Photo caption: Debbie (left) and Susan at TNNA beside Tropical Punch

Each design is so lovely, how can you pick a favorite?!

You'll enjoy reading DebBee's blog post about working with Treenway Silk's threads. Here's a link to Debbie's blog.