Marguerite Daisies designed by Deanna Hall WestJanuary 14, 2024

'Marguerite Daisies' designed and stitched by Deanna Hall West for PieceWork magazine.  Photo credit: Matt Graves for PieceWork magazine.

Photo above:  "Marguerite Daisies" designed and stitched by Deanna Hall West for PieceWork magazine.  Photo credit: Matt Graves for PieceWork magazine. More photos in gallery below.

PieceWork magazine's Winter 2023 issue: Marguerite Daisies by Deanna Hall West, pages 40-43

The Winter 2023 issue of PieceWork magazine begins a four-part series of lovely embroidery designs by the fabulous Deanna Hall West. Deanna will be using Treenway Silks threads and ribbons for each of her four historically inspired designs.

Deanna doesn't realize it, but I've been a silent "groupie" of hers for a couple of decades--I own many of her silk ribbon embroidery books. Her "Stitch in Time" library is always so well researched, explained and diagramed. You know that anything by Deanna Hall West has "quality" written all over it!

Marguerite Daisies is a Silk Ribbon bouquet based on a Victorian pelerine.

"Pelerine" is a new word for me--but as always, PieceWork articles are detailed and anticipate your questions. Page 42 has a photo of the inspiration behind "Marguerite Daisies" and explains "A pelerine is a short woman's cape or tippet made of fur or fabric.  It has long panels hanging down the center front and is waist length in the back."

If you don't have a copy of PieceWork Winter 2023 issue, you can order the issue HERE from the publisher, Long Thread Media.

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    1 skein 3.5mm silk ribbon in 65 Roses* color "White Tea Rose"
    1 skein 3.5mm silk ribbon in Montano color "Spring Green"
    1 skein  3.5mm silk ribbon in #00 Natural White

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35 yards total

Photo credit for image styled and stitched project, Matt Graves for PieceWork magazine.