Happy 33 Service Anniversary, Judy!February 10, 2023

Judy, our amazing Threads & Ribbons winder, incognito

Photo above: Camera-shy Judy, our fabulous threads & ribbons winder.

Have you ever wondered how all the Treenway Silks' threads and ribbons are measured and presented on the hang-tags? Judy makes it all happen!

Judy is totally amazing!  She's worked for Treenway Silks for 33 years.  Judy single-handedly measures, ties and twists every single silk thread, looping it through the "thread hole" on the hang tags. And as if that's not enough, she writes the color number on the corner.

And ribbons!! Judy IRONS every yard of silk ribbon, then performs her magic, making those beautiful ribbon skeins.


I can measure & wind threads in a pinch, but making those lovely ribbons skeins is beyond my skill set! 

In 2011, when we were purchasing Treenway Silks from the Canadian founders and moving the business to Colorado, founder Karen said "I highly recommend you keep Judy on as she's amazing." 

I'll be honest--I thought "this is crazy, dyeing silk in Colorado, sending it to Canada (where Judy lives) for Judy to prepare and then mail back."  I figured we'd do it for a year or so, and then I'd find someone local.

What I quickly learned is it would take two or three people to replace Judy!  She's so efficient and totally devoted to Treenway Silks. 

Judy has embraced every change with a positive "we can do it!" 
--We have changed hang-tags and Judy works with her local printer, to save time and shipping dollars.
--We have expanded the original 46 thread and ribbons colors to 121 colors. 
--We have added Harmony (6-strand silk floss), Silk Eyelash and our newest silk thread Shinju
--We have added our 65 Roses variegated color line. Every purchase helps fund research for a cure for cystic fibrosis.

Judy is a bit of an insomniac.  When we have huge projects, like preparing all of the XStitch the Rainbow's "Tea Time" Thread Packs, Judy will wake up in the early hours of the morning. If she can't get back to sleep, she'll say to herself "as long as I'm awake, I might as well be working." And she's up winding silk. 

Judy always works steadily, no matter what is happening in her life...a broken wrist; nursing her husband after he sustained a 12-foot fall at his job site; downsizing to a new home; eye surgery; death of her mother, sweet kitty and beloved dog; weddings and birth of grandchidren, just to name a few of life's major events.

I tell Judy constantly that I can't manage Treenway Silks without her.  We made a pact 8-9 years ago that we will both retire at the same time....which is 5-6 years in the future.

Believe it or not, Judy and I have never met in person.  We've chatted and FaceTimed a handful of times.  Most of our communication is texting. But someday we will meet in person. Maybe after we have both retired.

Judy--thank you for 33 years of devotion to Treenway Silks...and many more years to come! You're THE BEST ♥ ♥ ♥