All Natural Artisan Lotion BarJanuary 20, 2023

Hand-crafted all natural Artisan Lotion Bars

My hands can get rough with all the dyeing we do because I'm lax about thoroughly drying my hands.  Once I found this Lotion Bar, made by my friend Theresa of Jazzy Bees Apiary, my hands improved 1000%  It's my life saver!!

We used this lotion bar extensively before deciding to offer it to our customers--what we LOVE about this particular formulation is we can use it and *immediately* handle silk!  So many other lotions or bars require time to "soak in" before you can feel comfortable touching silk--and who has time to wait?!  

This lotion bar has just three simple ingredients: cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax. 
***NO Lanolin*** for those of you with sensitivities.  

It's unscented (meaning no fragrances are added) but there is a lovely, light natural scent from the ingredients.

Originally formulated for hands, this lotion bar is wonderful to combat dry skin and soften any part of your body. 

**added bonus--since it's a solid, it's easier to take with you, should you be traveling by airplane. 

Made in Michigan, USA.

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