In Search of Wild Silk by Karen SelkApril 07, 2023

In Search of Wild Silk (book jacket) by Karen Selk

Above: cover of "In Search of Wild Silk" by Karen Selk

The long awaited book by Karen Selk, founder emeritus of Treenway Silks, is here!

Karen has been captivated by the many wild silks of India, ever since her first visit, back a few decades ago.  Karen has made it her life's work to learn about wild silk in the jungles of India and the village industry that processes it and keeps it alive.

This book is 272 pages and weighs in at just over 4 lbs!  There are hundreds and hundreds of beautiful color photographs and stories of Karen's adventures navigating India and connecting with the villagers who are hands-on wild silk sericulturists. 

This is a marvelously researched text book covering the wild silk industry, including Tasar, Muga and Eri silks.  There's no other book on silk that is as comprehensive or as entertaining!

You can get your copy of "In Search of Wild Silk" HERE. Our copies are arriving today and the special cardboard mailers will arrive middle of next week.  We expect to begin shipping books in a week.