Multicolor Silk Fiber for BlendingJune 17, 2022

Multicolor Silk Fiber for Blending

Long overlooked, this silk blend is relatively inexpensive and blends beautifully with wool and other fibers.

This is reeled silk and it has the wonderful "scrunch" sound/feel when you squeeze a handful.  The fiber length is short (1-1.5 inches). 

The blend is predominately neutral gray, but up close you can see a mix of bright, crayon-color strands.  This silk is from Switzerland.

While at SOAR 2021, Eugene Textile Center did a quick blend with purple wool on a blending board for us.  You can leave the silk in "clumps" or continue to blend it more for a smooth, homogenous blend of fibers.

CLICK HERE to see Multicolored Silk Fiber