Dyed Silk cocoon vs Colored Silk cocoonsAugust 19, 2022

Dyed Bombyx Cocoons-Coastal Waters

We packaged our hand-dyed bombyx cocoons and our colored bombyx cocoons. What is the difference?

The hand-dyed cocoons started as natural white cocoons and we dyed them at Treenway Silks in Colorado [see photos of all colors at bottom].

The colored cocoons are colored (not dyed) [see photo at bottom]-- not exactly naturally, but because of manipulation during the silk worm's feeding fest, before they begin spinning their cocoon.  The details of how this happens is our silk supplier's proprietary process, but I suspect they have somehow "colored" the mulberry leaves that the little guy eats.  Side note--there are naturally colored cocoons, but not these.

The colors are so pretty--yellow, saffron oranges and pinks.  But if soaked in water, I've noticed a bit of 'bleed' in the water, especially with the yellow ones, so I don't believe the color will hold up completely when degummed.

All of our hand-dyed cocoons are limited editions...Hot Air Balloons and Rose Bud are very limited...only a few packages remaining.

Not sure what to do with cocoons?  Our Pinterest board "What to do with Silk Cocoons" can inspire you.